Race and the City

Cheryll specializes in a human rights approach to urban planning. Her methods drive collaborative processes that mend relationships between various stakeholders within the community, non-profit, private, and public sectors. She is dedicated to working with diverse populations and ensuring that their experiences are responded through program design. She is the founder of CP Planning, a non-profit planning firm that applies artistic and creative methods to build bridges between stakeholders and communicate public interests as it relates to city-building.

She began her professional career shaping public conversation on the release of her 2017 report, 'Protecting the Vibrancy of Residential Neighbourhoods'. Produced as an improvement to a class project*, Cheryll used her skills to coordinate with the Toronto Board of Trade for the report to be published in the Toronto Star. This report has since been cited by various others, including the City Building Institute and Evergreen. Since then she has coordinated funding from foundations, charities, and non-profits to engage community members and institutions in conversations that facilitate a shift towards more inclusive community planning practices.

Cheryll is also co-editor and author of House Divided: How the Missing Middle Will Solve Toronto's Affordability Crisis.